Serenity Prayer Bangle Bracelet

Beautiful bangle has the solid, polished feel that you expect from finer jewelry.  The Serenity Prayer clearly engraved in delicate frosted script all around the circumference of the bangle. Classic, softly rounded shape was designed for its timeless elegance and versatility. This is NOT a broadcast of the prayer so expect it to be discreet.


Alex and Ani Sea Shell Charm Expandable Bangle Bar Bracelet

Sea shells connect us to the ocean and to the water’s energy. They enable us to gain clarity so that we make better decisions and life choices. They support, guide, and nudge us along our path to happiness and fulfillment. They bring about positive energy and promise fortunate outcomes in all areas of life. Each charm hangs from Alex and Ani’s Expandable Wire Bangle and is available in a Russian Gold and a Russian Silver finish.


Alex and Ani Bangle Bar Seahorse Charm Expandable Bracelet

In the belief that seahorses were a type of sea dragon, some Chinese cultures have revered them as a symbol of power and good luck. Their body structures only allow them to move in a very slow motion which has not evolved over time. They come to teach us patience and to accept ourselves as we are. Each charm hangs from Alex and Ani’s Expandable Wire Bangle and is available in a Russian Gold and a Russian Silver finish.


Swarovski Slake Black Bracelet 1179237

This must-have bracelet is easy to wear with virtually any outfit! Glittering with Jet Hematite crystals on black microfiber, it wraps comfortably around your wrist for a twisted look. The closure consists of two clear crystal buttons, allowing you to adjust the size. Article no.: 1179237 Approximate size: 14 1/2 inches


Small Cz Cross Stud Earrings

Nickel-free Sterling silver, small cross CZ stud earrings. Also includes a rhodium plate finish, which gives it its lustrous white gold appearance. All of our cubic zirconia items are also made with Grade A quality stones with a high-shine finish. All of our CZ pieces are always set and never glued on. Depending on the styles, Shop4Silver uses both machine-cut and hand-cut CZ stones. Shop4Silver guarantees that our Sterling silver merchandise is 925 Sterling or above.


Adjustable Necklace Extender – Gold

This adjustable necklace extender – gold – gives you some room to breathe! How do you know if you need a necklace extension? If you’ve found the perfect necklace – but it’s not quite long enough for you! Our new Adjustable Necklace Extenders solve the problem for you, by providing a simple way to extend the length of almost any necklace. Just clasp each end of the necklace extension to each end of your chain, and slide to adjust the piece to your desired length. Two small bars on the extender allow you to adjust them from 3 to 6 inches, for extra breathing room or just a new look! Perfect for tennis necklaces, link necklaces, or pendants that can’t be removed from their current chains. This simple item allows a plus size friendly fit for almost all of our necklaces! We also have a silver necklace extender sold seperately.NON-RETURNABLE: This item cannot be returned. Please contact Customer Service with any additional questions. Extension: 3in to 6in